Workshops Day (Monday July 11, 2018)

The first day of the conference will be dedicated to two day long workshops running in parallel, with each workshop consisting of one morning and one afternoon session, and each session having a duration of 3 hrs.
Workshop A will be concerned with ANSYS, the premier commercial CFD suite, whileorkshop B will focus on OpenFOAM, the premier open source CFD framework. The workshops will be open to registered conference participants

Workshop A: ANSYS

The workshop provides an advanced introduction to ANSYS. Details will be forthcoming.

Workshop B: OpenFOAM

The workshop provides an advanced introduction to the open source CFD toolbox OpenFOAM. It is planned for users with general knowledge of CFD, who would like to extend their experience to OpenFOAM use. The workshop runs over two session of three hours each. The sessions will be of the hands-on type but with short lectures offered when needed to introduce new concepts or techniques. In the first session attendants will learn about the basic numerical methods used in openFOAM and how they are implemented, they will also learn how to use the included solvers to solve a variety of fluid flow problem. In the second session attendants will learn how to add new features and customize the standard solvers that are packaged with OpenFOAM, in this mode openFOAM will be used as a development library.
To attend the second session some knowledge familiarity with the finite volume methods and the C++ programming language is required. This, however, is not a requirement for participants of the first session.